Latvian firm SIA TILTS which is engaged in designing and construction of bridges, viaducts, overpasses and other constructions on roads and railways as in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and in a northwest part of Russia, has based in 1996 branch in Estonia - OU Tilts Eesti Filiaal. In 2001 founders make a decision to create industrial base with attraction of local experts for constant activity in territory of the Estonian Republic.

The part of the necessary equipment and org.technics has been transferred to branch from Latvia, and the one part was bought in Estonia. In April, 2001 the office has been opened. The company created division which could perform the works stipulated by a field of activity of the enterprise in territory of the Estonian Republic. The branch together with company SIA TILTS participated in 2001 in reconstruction of railway bridges in Estonia, in construction of the bridge through river Lilaste on line VIA Baltica in Latvia.

The reconstruction of the bridge in port Paldiski, in drilling piles by a diameter of 1180 mm, also took part under repair of bridge of Friendship on border of Estonia and Russia. Also our equipment allows to make chisel works by a diameter 620 and 820 mm. The advantage that the given works can be made in ground with difficult geological structure, making construction of ferro-concrete pipes under the railway line etc. Since May, 2002 the repair work of pipes and bridges on a line of Tallinn - Tartu - Lahumaa is made. (State competitions 002384, 004425)

The branch has the international certificate of quality ISO 9001 - 2000, which annually proves to be true during audit.

The activity OU Tilts Eesti Filiaal comprises as representation of the Latvian company SIA TILTS in territory of the Estonian Republic according to the current legislation, and independent activity marked in the commercial register, which confirms working on territory of the Estonian Republic's license. The basic kind of activity is construction and designing of bridges, overpasses both other structures on roads and railways, which includes all civil work and works on designing - transfer a object to the Client.

For introduction in system of building and design quality working norms , the firm TILTS has internal long-term contract between branches under the instruction of services in designing objects, in a engineering-preparatory part, and also in use of building engineering and equipment.

The activity of the company branch in Estonia with each year extends promoted by the large competition in the building market of Estonia. On the foreground appeared some firms, which have advanced technologies, both modern mechanisms and methods of government.